Internet Of Things(IoT):LoRa

LoRa is one of the low power wide area network(LPWAN) technologies that has received significant attention by the research community in recent years. LoRaWAN builds on top of the LoRa physical layer, which has been patented by Semtech. The combination of LoRaWAN at the MAC layer and LoRa at the physical layer makes it possible for IoT end devices to only consume little power and communicate over long distances up to several kilometers. Research on LoRa is in full swing at home and abroad. And major giant enterprises have joined the LoRa Alliance one after another. We focus on the key challenges in LoRa networks including the protocol design,network modeling and scalability analysis, and physical-layer inspired cross-layer optimization for LoRa networks, with the objective to provide wireless connectivity for potentially massive IoT devices in a wide area with fairness, using low-complexity and low-overhead design.

Related Publications:

[1] 28 April 2019,our new paper 'Achieving Max-Min Throughput in LoRa Networks' is on arXiv.