About FUNLab

FUNLab is FUture Network Laboratory in Xiamen University, founded in April 2017 by Professor Liqun Fu. In April 2018, Professor Xiaoyi Hu, Assistant Professor Deqing Wang and Jiangbin Lyu, research staff Lei Yue and Yongjun Xie, joined FUNLab. We work on wireless networks, underwater acoustic communications (UAC), Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) communications, and Internet of Things (IoT). Our research interests are mainly in communication theory, optimization theory, game theory, and learning theory, with applications in wireless networks, power transfer networks, large-scale data networks, UAV networks, UAC networks, and IoT.

Recent News
  • Xiaowen Ye's new paper 'Deep Reinforcement Learning Based MAC Protocol for Underwater Acoustic Networks' is accepted for publication in WUWNet 2019. Congratulations!
  • Professor Jiangbin Lyu's paper 'Achieving Max-Min Throughput in LoRa Networks' is accepted for publication in IEEE ICNC 2020. Congratulations!
  • Kaiqi Zhong joins Funlab as a Ph.D. student. Mengya Wang, Fen Ye, Zhongxiang Ying, Yifan Zhang, Zewen Zhu, Bifeng Ling, Tongtong Lin, Xinglong Hang and Zhan Wu join Funlab as master students. Warmly welcome!
  • Jingwen Tong's new paper 'Throughput Enhancement of Full-Duplex CSMA Networks via Adversarial Multi-Player Multi-Armed Bandit' is accepted by IEEE GLOBECOM 2019. Congratulations!